Replacement Pieces

Did you lose a piece to one of our puzzles? If so, we will do our best to send a replacement piece to you. Please email us at with the following:

1. The name or item number of the puzzle.
2. An overall image of the complete puzzle so we can get a rough idea of where the piece is located.
3. A couple of close up images so we can pin point the exact missing piece.
4. If it is a square or rectangular puzzle, please send us the coordinates of the missing piece. First count out the column number starting from the left and then count out the row number starting from the top.
5. Your mailing address.

If we are able to locate the missing piece, we will send one out via standard letter mail at no charge. There is no tracking number provided for this service.

Please note that there may be a minute shift in the image on the replacement piece due to the puzzle making process, but this slight shift should not be too noticeable.